Faircount’s “OUTLOOK’” series is a set of professional industry publications, each title covering a specific industry sector or organisation. Originated and published by Faircount, these titles are highly respected and regularly read by professionals within each of the specific sectors they speak to.
Navy OUTLOOK Header
Since its inception in 2012, Navy OUTLOOK has been designed to communicate the Royal Australian Navy’s current and future plans, programs and budgetary needs. The publication is targeted at decision-makers throughout the defence and maritime industries. It also addresses policymakers in Canberra on the current condition of the senior service – enabling them to make more informed judgements on decisions that profoundly affect the development of the Royal Australian Navy.

Navy OUTLOOK delivers vital information to professionals in the military, government and industry. Covering programs, budgets and issues across every community in the Navy, the publication is an essential reference tool for anyone in the business of managing or supplying to the Royal Australian Navy.

The 2013 edition served as the official publication and centre-piece to the magnificent International Fleet Review that took place in Sydney.

In 2014, the Royal Australian Navy utilised Navy OUTLOOK as the official publication for the commissioning ceremony of the Navy’s first LHD, HMAS Canberra.

Finally, in 2019, the publication was distributed by the Royal Australian Navy at Pacific 2019, and the RAN Sea Power Conference in Sydney.
Defence Science and Technology (DST) is part of Australia’s Department of Defence. It is the second largest public-funded R&D organisation in Australia.

DST is the lead agency responsible for deploying science and technology solutions to help safeguard Australia, both in terms of research and development at home, and supporting our teams around the world. It is both a critical development hub but also an exciting technological force on the leading edge of research and technology.

DST leads the Government’s 10-year $730 million Next Generation Technologies Fund to deliver game-changing Defence capabilities in collaboration with industry and academia. DST has 14 strategic alliances with key defence companies and research agencies in addition to partnership agreements with 32 Australian universities to help develop the country’s defence research potential. It is one of the most exciting times for us to look at this particular part of the Defence network.

Australian Space OUTLOOK Header
Faircount has created the definitive annual publication discussing what’s relevant and important in the Australian space sector. It includes analysis, case studies, and special reports.
Faircount has gathered together many executives from government, academia, and industry that are helping shape the future of the space sector to create thought-leadership articles, editorial features, and help contribute to the discussion.
The publication examines the Australian Space Agency’s partnerships, industry agreements and international engagement, update articles on the progress of the Australian Space Agency, case studies on Australian space companies and the new technologies and products they have to offer, as well as how we are creating and maintaining the STEM pipeline, and developing our space engineers, astronauts and space lawyers of the future.
Disability OUTLOOK Header
Now in its third year, Faircount has created the definitive annual publication discussing what’s relevant and important in the disability sector. It provides analysis, case studies, special reports and a large number of invited contributed columnists on various topics surrounding the NDIA/NDIS, the Quality and Safeguards Commission, and other related subjects.

The publication will cover all aspects of the NDIA, NDIS and the Australian disability sector each year, including the successes and challenges, and the issues, as well as the people defining its future.
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