For more than 30 years, Faircount has served the world’s most influential government departments, agencies, organisations and industries.

Faircount Media Group’s primary goal is the creation of high quality content in specific areas of professional expertise, primarily in the fields of military/defence, government, sport, and particular industry sectors.

We achieve this aim through the creation of highly customised client branded publications, and through our own series of ‘OUTLOOK’ publications.


David Sanis

Managing Director, Faircount Media Asia

David Sanis started with Faircount in 1993 at the company’s London office. He moved to Faircount USA in 1994, and held roles as a sales executive, team leader, general manager of the company’s Government Services Group (GSG), and head of business development.

He moved to Australia in 2007 when Faircount Media Asia was formed, and serves as the company’s Managing Director.
David Sanis

Ross Jobson

Global CEO

Ross Jobson has been in the custom publishing industry since 1987. Having made his start in London, he moved to Florida USA in 1990, and started Faircount Media Group, USA in 1993. He now serves as the company’s global CEO.
"With a combined 58 years experience in custom publishing between these two executives, you can feel confident in both their knowledge of publishing, and their ability to bring a successful project to completion, as well as the ongoing, strong, professional reputation of the company."
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